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Choosing the Path of a Sage

By Paul Smith

"When the external world seems crazy, take a journey within."

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In our crazy modern times it is difficult to drown out the noise of social media, the news and the negative people around us in order to find our own path. It is easy to be pulled to the drama of the outside world. 

Choosing the Path of a Sage is following your journey within and ultimately changing the world around you. Through this introduction to the Tao, you will begin to find inner peace and tranquillity. Each chapter is filled with easy to understand interpretations, 3 practical tips and reflections on how to apply the wisdom in your day-to-day life.

This is an Intro EBook to a printed book 'The Path of a Sage' being release in 2023. All purchases are much appreciated and will support the funding to publish the full book.


Chapter 1: An Introduction to the Tao
Chapter 2: Choosing to Live the Mystery
Chapter 3: Opening our Eyes to the Paradox
Chapter 4: The Process of Emptying
Chapter 5: An Inexhaustible Resource
Chapter 6: The Root of Creation
Chapter 7: Living Without Judgement
Chapter 8: The Secret of Durability
Chapter 9: Living in Accordance with Nature
Chapter 10: The Path to Serenity
Chapter 11: The Primal Virtue
Chapter 12: Choosing the Path of a Sage

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