Professional Standards Certificate

Level 3: Professional Coaching Standards Programme

Our Professional Standards Programme is designed for coaches looking to increase the credibility of their coaching practice by demonstrating they operate to the highest industry standards by adopting both the Coaching Professional Charter and the Global Code of Ethics.

As part of igniting opportunity by changing the world through coaching, we offer as part of this Programme further support to convert existing Coaching Diplomas and your Certificate into Accreditation with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council. 

Professional Certificate
Complete our Programme with a Coaching Certificate and demonstrate to your clients that you operate to the highest industry standards.

Professional Standards Certificate

Quality Assured Curriculum 
Our curriculum has been professionally structured and externally verified to ensure all of our coaches receive quality training.

Professional Standards Curriculum

Highest Ethical Standards
Coaching Minds has adopted the EMCC Global Code of Ethics and Professional Charter for Coaching within our very own Professional Code of Conduct to ensure our coaches are trained to the highest ethical standards. These are the standards you will be raising your coaching practice to. 

Professional Standards

Accreditation Route
On completion of this programme you can work with one of our Coach Supervisors towards accreditation with the EMCC in which you will be recommended by Coaching Minds.

Professional Standards EMCC

Completion Time

40 hours




Conversion Level 5

Tuition Fees

$249 / £199

Pass Requirements

22 Online Lessons
1 Seminar
Ethics Exam
10 hours of CPD
10 Hours Self-Reflection

Your Programme Supervisor

Professional Standards Paul Smith

Paul Smith
Managing Director

Paul is an Accredited Senior Practitioner with the EMCC and leads the vision of Coaching Minds. He has worked with various businesses, organisations and coaching schools before working to set up this high standard quality programme. 

Paul hosts & facilitates the Ethics Exams and teaches you coaching in-depth through all of your online lessons.

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