Practitioner Level 5 - Diploma in Transformational Coaching

Level 5: EMCC Accredited Coaching Programme

Our Coaching Certification Programme is Accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council at Practitioner Level 5. On completion of our accredited coaching course, you will receive a full diploma in Coaching with 165 hours of approved coach training. This will automatically qualify you for Individual Accreditation with the EMCC. 

As part of igniting opportunity by changing the world through coaching, we offer an 'Inspire' plan for this course which means the more committed you are, the less you will pay. Book a call with us to find out more. 

Accredited Coaching Course Diploma
Graduate with a full Diploma in Transformational Coaching that qualifies you for 5 years Accreditation with the EMCC.

EMCC Accredited Curriculum 
Learn in-depth coaching, models, tools and skills through our 5 Module EMCC Accredited Curriculum in seminars, workshops, weekly live sessions and online lessons.  

EMCC Accredited Coaching Course Seminars

Highest Professional Standards
Coaching Minds has adopted the EMCC Global Code of Ethics and Professional Charter for Coaching within our very own Professional Code of Conduct to ensure our coaches are trained to the highest ethical standards.

EMCC Accredited Coaching Course Ethical Standards

AI Powered Coaching Room 
Another benefit of our Programme is your own personalised Coaching Room built with AI Host and Assist. Build courses, award badges, schedule & host events, post blogs & vlogs, interact with your clients and get creative. Decide your membership fee and make an income.  

EMCC Accredited Coaching Course Pod

Coach Centre
Finally, as a Trainee Coach, pick up clients through our Pro Bono Coach Centre and put your theory into practice. 

Our Coach Centre serves people around the globe and provides coaches to those in need. Ignite opportunity with us.

EMCC Accredited Coaching Course Coach Centre

Course Completion Time

165 hours

Course Difficulty


 Course Level

Practitioner Level 5

Tuition Fees

$43/£32 per month

AI Powered Coaching Room

Build courses, challenges and a community in your own personalised Coaching Room, assisted with AI Features.

EMCC Accredited Coaching Course Guarantee

Pass Requirements

80 Online Lessons
40 Hours of Coaching
5 Seminars
5 Practical Workshops
Ethics Exam
Practical Exam
Reflective Essay
25 hours of CPD
20 Hours Self-Reflection
5 E-Books

Your Programme Supervisors

EMCC Accredited Coaching Course Supervisor

Paul Smith
Managing Director

Paul is an Accredited Senior Practitioner with the EMCC and leads the vision of Coaching Minds. He is also the Social Responsibility SIG Lead for the EMCC volunteering his time to inspire the industry. 

Furthermore, Paul hosts & facilitates the seminars of the programme and teaches you in-depth coaching tips, techniques and tools through all of your online lessons.

EMCC Accredited Coaching Course Supervisor

Adele Jacobs
Programme Director

Adele is a Co-Founder of Coaching Minds and an Accredited  Senior Practitioner with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council. 

By facilitating the Practical Workshops and Group Supervision Sessions of the programme, Adele works closely with our coaches, guiding them to Certification.

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