Coaching Foundations

Level 2: Coaching Foundations 

Our Coaching Foundations Programme is perfect for those considering a career in coaching but are unsure where to start. This programme is a pathway to your coaching career. 

As part of igniting opportunity by changing the world through coaching, we offer a 1-1 supervisor session as part of this programme to help you kick-start your coaching journey. Ask questions, gain tips and begin coaching. 

Coaching Foundations Certificate
Complete our course and receive a CPD Certificate acknowledging the start to your coaching career. 

Coaching Foundations Certificate

Free Ebook - Coaching Foundations 
Access our free Coaching Foundations Ebook as part of the course. Understand the basics of coaching and add two tools to your coaching toolkit. 

Coaching Foundations  Book

Coach Networking
As part of the Programme join our events and connect with other aspiring coaches. Discuss experience, tips and knowledge, building your coach network at the same time. 

Coaching Foundations Community

Coach Community
Gain support and advice from Accredited Coaches and Supervisors in our Coach Community. Find coaches and potential clients nearby and connect in person. 

Coaching Foundations

Completion Time

10 hours



Tuition Fees

$19 / £14

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Pass Requirements

8 Online Lessons
Foundations E-book
1-1 Supervisor Session
3 hours of CPD
3 Hours Self-Reflection

Your Programme Supervisor

Coaching Foundations  Supervisor

Paul Smith
Managing Director

Paul is an Accredited Senior Practitioner with the EMCC and leads the vision of Coaching Minds. He has worked with various businesses, organisations and coaching schools before working to set up this high standard quality programme. 

Paul hosts your 1-1 Supervisor Session and teaches you basic coaching through all of your online lessons.

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